7. "you have my respect, they are beautiful"

So whilst this is largely a blog about what not to say, I figured we might as capture the good stuff that we hear - after all, it isn't all bad.

Yesterday, after my husband working till 4am, I was entering my 24th hour of parenting sans any help - and as such was taking my daughter to nursery without having showered and hardly having had my breakfast, and of course the boys came too.  I was just arriving at the nursery looking somewhat flustered and exhausted when a woman coming the other way gave me a look, and I thought "oh, no, here we go, and I'm just not in the mood for this" (you know, one of 'those' mornings) when to my surprise she said "nuff respect, they are beautiful".

It made me grin from ear to ear, and made the morning feel that little bit more manageable all of a sudden.  She didn't point out that they were twins. She didn't ask if they were identical, and amazingly she didn't even say I had my hands full.  She merely demonstrated that she thought what I did was hard, and paid my beautiful children a compliment they deserve, and yet so often lack due to the focus largely being on them being 'twins'.

Don't lose site of the fact that, beyond being twins (or indeed triplets or quadruplets), that multiples are still beautiful children, gorgeous and cute little munchkins, and much as a mother of a 'singleton' likes to hear others gush over their offspring, so do us mothers of multiples.

So thank you to that random lady for making my morning, it was and is appreciated. And yes, they are beautiful, even if I am a little biased.

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