2. "Do twins run in the family?"

I feel terrible for getting annoyed by this question, as truth be told before 'that' day (yes, the day I was told, the good news is you're pregnant, the other good news is there are two of them) I didn't have a clue about whether twins were hereditary or not.  I too would have assumed they were, and probably ask the same question.  So here goes, lesson number one;

  • Identical twins are not hereditary. There you go. We said it. It is considered to be a random or spontaneous event. 
  • None identical twins when they are fraternal twins are linked to genetics and can be an inherited joy. 

  • Identical twins will always be the same sex (yes, I had to think this one through on 'that' day).
  • None identical twins can be different sex, or the same sex - just because twins are the same sex doesn't mean they are identical.  

1 comment:

  1. Dee, via facebook, said;

    My answer to the 'is there twins in your family' is;

    'no but our neighbour has twins'

    (which was true actually).

    Thanks Dee, that really made me laugh!