10. "Twins! I've always wanted twins!"

This commonly received comment was emailed in by Kim, who said;

"It always makes my blood boil when someone says, 'Twins, I've always wanted twins!'. The commenter is usually a young girl who is most likely fantasizing about picking out matchy names and dressing them in the same adorable outfits.

I usually just smile and nod.  However, if you catch me on a particularly rough day, I've been known to reply 'no you don't. It is really hard.'

It is so much easier now that my boys are ten months old.  I haven't heard that comment in a while, but if I did now, I probably would reply;

'Maybe you will be as blessed as I am.'

I think Kim is quite right, I've had a fair few people say this one, and just earlier today I was chatting with another twin mum who said that her standard reply to this was "be careful what you wish for".

Funnily enough, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I did wonder at the 12 week scan if it might be twins, not in a serious way, but I suppose I was aware that it was a possibility.  However, having had a single baby, when it came to my second pregnancy it didn't once occur to me that that might be the case (despite all the some what obvious signs!).

I also think Kim hits the nail on the head, how we feel about these comments changes through time. What once was a sore subject, now becomes our favourite subject.


  1. StorytimemumJuly 20, 2012

    yup, school girls used to coo over the double buggy constantly!! but now out of the buggy, all they see is two nutter 4 yr olds on scooters and we don't attract that kind of wishful comment- can't think why!!! :)

  2. I admit to thinking this one. I lost twins at 8 weeks and I guess it's pining for what I couldn't have. Don't think I'd say it to a twin mum though, lest she think I'm a bit of an idiot.