11. " Double trouble!"

This one is usually a light hearted throw away comment, which to some degree is accurate - but it does make me wonder why instantly the commenter has focused in on the negative aspect of twins! Of course the stock answer to this is "Double joy" - at times said through gritted teeth depending on what kind of day it is.

As others have said - twins pretty much double you up on everything. 

Prepare to;

  • Change a lot of nappies. 
  • Feed a lot of small mouths. 
  • Wash a lot of squidgy bums. 
  • Wipe a lot of messy floors. 
  • Wash a lot of small clothing. 
  • Buy a lot of small pairs of shoes (and perhaps throw in the odd big pair of shoes as a medal for yourself). 
  • Experience a lot of sleepless nights. 
  • Wipe away a lot of soggy tears. 
  • Hold a lot of pudgy hands. 
  • Push a lot of buggy around.
  • Push a lot of swings.
  • Soothe a lot of growing teeth.
  • Wipe a lot of snotty noses.

But as well as getting extra of all of the above as a consequence of having twins (or triplets or quadruplets), also expect to;

  • Get a lot of cuddles.
  • Hear two lots of first words.
  • Get to experience the first steps twice.
  • Be given lots of wet kisses.
  • Hear two first giggles.
  • Here your baby say 'mummy' or 'daddy' for the first time twice.
  • Read one story but see two happy children listening.
  • Have two first birthdays all in the same day.
  • Get two mothers / fathers day cards.
  • Have both your fridge and boiler absolutely smothered in smudgy art work.
  • Get twice as much attention when you're out (ok so this one is kind of the point of this blog, but as many have pointed out, when you're in the right mood, the attention is welcome).
  • And most of all, get unconditionally loved, twice over.

Double trouble? I'll take that trouble ten times over for those things

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