5. "Oh, twins? Poor you!"

Where do I start with this one? I guess largely my response depends on what kind of day I am having.  Sometimes I have felt like bursting into tears and saying "you have no idea how 'poor me' this is, please can I have a hug oh random stranger?".  Other times it really gets my back up.  I know what I do is tough, the bags under my eyes and the sugar content of my cupboards vouch for that. However, despite the tough days, despite the endless noise and the constant feeling of needing to be in 3 places at once, and have eyes in at least two different directions at one time... despite all of that, I do feel blessed.

It has taken me a while to arrive in that position. But there I am. I feel blessed. I wouldn't give back the endless nappies, the endless cuddles, the endless snotty noses, the endless dinners thrown on the floor, the endless scraps over the same toys, nor the endless sleepless nights, if it meant giving back my children. (Well, most days anyway).

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  1. Laura love your blog very funny and so true! This comment i find gets me really annoyed! Our 18 month identical twin boys r the most precious and amazing gift we have. Its been a very hard and painful and expensive journey 2 get our beautiful boys and yes some days i wonder wot it would b like having one baby and wot did i do b4 the boys came along and will i ever get any me time again and will i get a break occasionally but i am the lucky one not only did i think i would never ever have children i woz given two! My answer to this usually is no iam lucky and that shuts them up and they say nothing else. X