How to put together a 'rescue package' for a mother of twins or more.

You know how sometimes you just know that someone is teetering on the edge of coping and not coping? They are just about holding it together, just about managing to juggle with fire, but one bad move and they're going to get their fingers burnt?

Well, if you know someone in this situation. Some one who is just having a bit of a crap week... why don't you put together a little rescue package for them - it might make the difference between it being a difficult week, and a really impossible week.

So what goes into this rescue package? Here goes...

Item 1 - A box of tunnocks tea cakes. 
If you have read previous posts you will know I always judged how bad a day was based on how many tunnocks tea cakes I had eaten. They come in handy. They are full of well needed sugar, and a bit of a guilty pleasure. Comfort eating can be a mum's best friend.

Item 2 - Two pairs of baby socks. 
With the instructions to remove said socks during a particularly bad moment - there is nothing quite like the site of small weeny weeny toes to make your heart go all soft and remind you just how gorgeous that noisy pooy tired little thing really is. 

Item 3 - A box of nelson's teething powders. 
These were my god send. We called them 'baby crack'. They seem to have the ability to soothe even the most grumpiest of babies, and if all else fails mummy can neck the lot and may find them soothing. 

Item 4 - A tooth brush. 
With the instructions to only aim; to brush one's teeth each day. Anything beyond this is a bonus. (thank you Marjorie for this one).

Item 5 - A teabag. 
This one will go well with the tunnock's teacakes.

Item 6 - Some paracetamol. 
Some days just hurt more than others. Paracetamol probably won't make the blindest bit of difference, but some days it just felt good to feel I was trying to do something. 

Item 7 - A bag of mixed nuts. 
(unless of course they have a nut allergy in which case skip straight to item 8). With the instructions that; a handful of these should be consumed at around 4pm, just before the evening slog begins. 

Item 8 - Two white babygrows. 
You won't believe the amount of clothes two babies can get through. And whilst all those lovely patterned ones are gorgeous to look at, they can be a pain to wash. There is nothing quite like a big pile of plain white baby clothes that you can just throw into a hot wash and not worry about them coming out pink or gray. Also handy to have two on hand in case of emergencies. Of which there will be a lot of in the early days.

Item 9 - A pack of muslins. 
I literally went through millions of these. Despite continuously washing them over and over there was never a clean one to hand. So chances are, whilst opening said rescue package mummy will also be reaching for yet another muslin, and finding them inside the package will reduce doing two things to one. Leaving mummy a little more time to shove item 1 into her mouth.

Item 10 - A babysitting token. 
The one feeling that is rather overwhelming to begin with is that your life is over and you will never be you again. Knowing that you have something to look forward to in the future, a night out with your partner / husband / wife / important other will help you through. Obviously this item is rather dependent on (a) your ability to look after small children (b) your distance from recipient of said package and (c) how much your friend trusts you with (a). If this is not a suitable token, you could instead give them a 'one home cooked meal' token, or perhaps 'a trip to the supermarket' token. Or similar. Use your imagination. But you get the general idea - it is a promise to do something practical and helpful for the family at a time in the future when they think it will help them the most.

These are just a few of the things that would have or did help me through. I'd be interested to know what other items others would have liked included in a rescue package?


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    What a great post! I think if I'd had a rescue pack like that when I started out with my twins, there would have been less tears!

    Something I would include, is a pack of baby wipes. Seriously, the many uses for them are infinite - from cleaning up dried on weetabix from your kitchen floor, to scrubbing off the 'Modern Art' your toddler just created on the living room walls! I've even used them to clean, shoes, carpets and upholstery if I've been in a hurry.

    1. So true, also good for taking off yesterday's make up (should you happen to have gotten past just brushing your teeth and actually applied any) and cleaning your shoulder from the endless snot that gets left there.

  2. A smartphone!! Access to the internet, and a network of twin mums have certainly helped keep me sane in those darker moments :D
    And you can capture those fab times on the camera or video too, just to remind yourself it is all worth it x